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Real Sourdough Doughnuts

Lead by innovation, passion and unfaltering commitment to producing the best flavour - doughnuts + coffee - a match made in heaven.

The idea behind Saint Dough was born out of a love for good quality coffee and an obsession for quality doughnuts and baking. We have created a product that is complex and innovative and with an unrelenting commitment to using the finest ingredients. At Saint Dough we refuse to stand still, as the seasons change so do our flavours with forward thinking creativity from our Doughnut Experts.

At our in house bakery, our Sourdough doughnuts begin their journey, with a process which uses a complex method of baking and frying to produce a dough that is beautifully light and full of flavour. Our emphasis is on quality ingredients, with an innovative approach to flavours.



A Match Made In Heaven


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